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The company Bergamo was founded in Glowno, Poland in the early 90`s.
Over that period, during big changes in the Polish economy, our company was one of the first and few companies in the country involved in the production of fashionable women’s wear. During our journey into fashion from the moment Begamo began, we have gathered extremely valuable and rich experience in designing and manufacturing clothes for modern woman.

Not only do we pride ourselves in design and manufacturing, our purpose and motivation is to provide women everywhere, with high quality fashion women's wear. The whole point of our business is to make every woman wearing clothing from Bergamo brand, happy and proud of her appearance.

Over 25 years on the Polish market!

Our headquarter and production department is invariably located in Glowno near Lodz - the heart of the Polish textile industry.

Until now we have delivered our clothes to clients through direct co-operation with our wholesale customers and distributing them into the biggest shopping centres and wholesale in Poland and abroad.

Without exception, this time we want to meet our clients expectations and offer all of the best from us online! We are ready to provide our products in the most convenient purchase form - by the purchase in our company's ONLINE STORE!

In company and online store offers a variety of styles and designs of modern, classical, and sometimes a bit extravagant clothing that fits perfectly to every woman. Our offer includes a wide selection produced from high quality materials:


In our offer every woman and girl will find a piece of clothing, which will make her stand out and feel special.

We truly invite you to familiarize yourself with the products we offer and enjoy shopping in our online store!

Bergamo by Jolanta K.

Jolanta Kowalska
ul. Słowackiego 19
95-015 Głowno

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